Word Puzzle SKETON


iOS and Android version released!

SKETON is a skeleton crossword puzzle. Players choose a word among a list, and to bury. We offer a new experience with the unique “TURN” mode. You have to turn the sheet and fill words, so it is so difficult as ever. The resolution can be changed as you like. If you set it to the highest resolution, a wide sheet would be looked with less scrolling.

This new version includes English and Japanese Kana words.

* 80 normal levels of difficulty for each language
* Special 50 levels by TURN mode for each language
* Scrollable and available to pinch and zoom
* Show/Hide word list
* View wide word list
* Show/Hide used words
* Change skin colors
* 3 Screen resolutions (S/M/L)
* BGM/SE On/Off separately

We would add more levels in the future.

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Word Puzzle SKETON Kana

Japanese Kana words only version.

SKETON English

Word Puzzle SKETON English

English words only version.

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